Dr. Joshua Straub

Dr. Joshua Straub is currently a resident of Austin, TX where he completed his doctorate in piano performance at the Butler School of Music. His classical training took him to festivals in California, Austria, and Italy, followed by one year in Antwerp, Belgium where he completed a post-graduate diploma at the Artesis Hogeschool. It was there in Belgium where he also studied the fine Belgian beer tradition (ahem… well, studied by consuming many beers there!) and began to imagine someday combining his love of music and beer.

Josh is a passionate educator and enjoys teaching group piano as well as private lessons. A presenter at many state, regional, national, and international conferences, his demonstrations have brought him into contact with some of the most influential, up-and-coming educators from around the world. During his studies at UT-Austin he served as an Assistant Instructor of Piano where he taught both group piano classes and private lessons to music majors as well as non-majors. He recently co-wrote a paper with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Kirsten Smayda and music educator/pianist Dr. Ruby Chou detailing many of the benefits of learning piano in a group setting. This paper is the result of a ten-week group piano class for older adults aiming to scientifically test the ability for music to impact the brain. Dr. Straub is passionate about bringing music to people of all ages and all backgrounds and strives to engage the general public by making music lessons accessible and approachable. Here is the link to the paper if you are interested in reading further: APPC PAPER


A Little Background.


Joshua frequently performs works by living composers, in addition to playing the traditional Western canon. Several of his premiers and recordings of new works have been broadcast on public and internet radio.  Performances of works by living composers include appearances at The Clutch Concert SeriesGamma UT, the Fast Forward Austin concert series, and the EARS (Electroacoustic Recital Series). Works in these concerts ranged from Music for 18 Musicians and Piano Phase by Steve Reich, to a multidisciplinary collaboration with composer Kay He that features video and electronic tape along with the piano. Joshua will premiere a piano concerto commissioned by Austin-based composer Minho Yoon in the spring of 2019.

Josh recently began composing music and is venturing into music production. His collaboration with photographer Ryan Deboodt was featured on the Smithsonian website and the pair have been working on new projects with plans on releasing videos in the upcoming months.