Adult Group Piano Courses


As seen in the Austin American Statesman and Food and Wine Magazine, Beerthoven Craft (formerly spelled “Kraft”) offers a flight of one-hour group piano lessons, once a week for 8 weeks, complete with beer-themed curriculum, expert instruction, and a pint of beer included in every lesson. You get all of this for only $35 per lesson!

What is Group Piano?

Group piano lessons are the perfect platform to learn music in a fun and engaging atmosphere. In addition to teaching how to play the piano, these creative courses focus on a variety of musical skills including music theory, reading musical notation, and active listening. A variety of genres of music will be explored including classical, pop, and jazz with all course content relating to inspiring music. And as much as the focus will be on just plain-ole-fun, research has shown numerous benefits of learning music at all ages as you can see in the following Benefits section. The group setting enhances the learning experience by adding a rewarding and beneficial social component, so you can also plan on making many new friends! The setup includes fully-weighted, 88-key digital keyboards for each student, speakers for listening to/playing along with music, and a projector to watch performances and look at many different types of online content.


Brought to you by the makers of Beerthoven!


In addition to physical locations where lessons will be offered, Beerthoven Craft also offers a mobile piano lab that can be set up virtually anywhere with an outlet! Our electric keyboards provide a quality sound and full functionality while remaining lightweight enough to be easily transported. Thirty minute set-up, hour-long sessions, thirty minute break-down—in and out.

Benefits of Group Piano

Studies have shown the benefits of learning music--especially in a group setting that adds a valuable social component. These benefits include improved cognitive function, physical and emotional well-being, enhanced creativity, social interaction/teamwork and... most importantly, FUN!!!

Access to a piano for personal practice between lessons will help you get the best buzz from Craft Piano lessons. For information on low-cost piano keyboard rentals, check out Capital Music Center and tell them Beerthoven sent you!


Bring Craft to Your Office or Workplace!

The benefits of group piano combined with the mobility of the Beerthoven model make it the ideal project for improving creativity and camaraderie within your business. Weekly, hour-long group lessons are a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons--and with Craft, the beer is free!

The flexibility of the Beerthoven Craft model allows classes to be set up virtually anywhere--an office, community space, retirement center...even a brewery! So instead of shuffling your employees off into the arms of rush hour traffic, invite us to turn your company rush hour into an enriching experience where music is learned and beers are had by all!

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